Your move reindeer games..

We're starting to get heavy into the swing of things on Iron Man 3, and I have to say, I'm having an amazing time. The team at DD is at the top of their game and couldn't be nicer and laid back crew to work with. 

We'll be working...


hello lovelies!

A film we finished back in May during my time at Method was released this last week: Argo.
Its from Ben Affleck who directs and stars and it's pretty damn good.
I definitely recommend giving it a watch.
The sequences I worked on consisted of the sto...


We just finished up the new live action commercial over at Method for the upcoming title for the Xbox360: Halo 4.

The super talented Nicolai Fuglsig took the director's seat this time around. It was debuted at E3 yesterday during the Microsoft Press Conference. The proj...


We just wrapped up on Argo, Ben Affleck's new film. Hits theaters this fall.  :)


Well the VES awards were a few weeks back and I was lucky enough to be among the nominees this year. Myself along with some of the Falling Skies team were nominated for 'Outstanding Models in a Broadcast Program". Unfortunately we didn't get the win, and lost out to th...


New year's call for new moves being made. Well, I've been doing what I can to keep myself busy. I started at Method Studios in the beginning of January and have been having a blast so far. There's a slew of talent over there and I'm excited to see what's next for me....


A few weeks back Terra Nova premiered on TV. Its the show I'm currently working on with the fine folks over at Pixomondo. Its a fun show with tons of rad visual effects.

Here's a few screencaps of a couple of my shots. I'm excited to do some cool breakdowns and s...


We finally got most of the breakdowns done for the behind the scenes video that the short film's editor, David Trachtenberg put together for us.

Looks great. Compliments the film nicely!


Today has proven to be an interesting day. A short film project entitled Portal: No Escape hit the web today and has been making quite the splash for Director Dan Trachtenberg. I've been a part of the Portal VFX team for quite a few months now. We assembled a group fro...


This summer has certainly been one for the books. I've been doing a fair bit of studio hopping as of late, and have been meeting and working with some amazingly talented people. It's been an eye opener for sure, but I really wouldn't have it any other way.

There are lot...

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