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The Godzilla vs Kong film is finally out in the world!

With the film finally releasing on HBO Max and in select theaters as well as now on blu-ray, I wanted to share some more of my work. I've updated the Godzilla vs Kong page here on my site with lots of screenshots from shots that I Compositing and did Look Development for in the film.

I was on the film for about a full year and we did a lot of work in that time period. MechaGodzilla for me, was a highlight since he was handled fully by our team at Scanline VFX. Sequences with Godzilla and Kong were split between Scanline, Weta and MPC. But the battle on the Ocean seen in the first act, was a big undertaking for us as well. As was the end crazy fight between all 3 Titans!

Please have a look through the gallery of shots and enjoy!


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