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The Netflix adaptation of Cowboy Bebop was a fun and involved show to work on and I was a Compositing Lead on a number of sequences primarily around episodes 3,4.7 & 10. Part of the scope of work consisted of a fair amount of holograms and we utilized the HigX Point Render plug-in for Nuke quite a bit for those shots. There were a number of geometry driven and matte driven hologram shots where they were revealing, dissipating, and also interacting with other actors and objects. 

We were also tasked with a end battle at a church in episode 10 which involved digital set extensions, detailed destruction sims and lots of tracer bullets, squibs, muzzle flashes, and blood to enhance and finish the sequence. 

Created by André Nemec
Vendor: Scanline VFX
VFX Supervisor: Mathew Giampa

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