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Kia Ora!

Back in October of last year, Trish and I boarded a plane to fly off into a new adventure. I started a new job working with the fine folks at Weta Digital down in Wellington New Zealand. After a couple months here I can absolutely say that the people, and gorgeous country here have won us over. The warm welcome and support we've received here has been a complete breath of fresh air, and definitely gives a lot of other VFX shops a run for their money. Although the downside is being so far from home, family and a lot of our friends. Coming from primarily working in LA, I've found the work commute to be one of the biggest advantages to living in Wellington as well. It take me about 8 minutes to drive to work, which beats the 45 to 60 minute drive in LA!

The weather has also been extremely kind to us as well since we arrived. The spring and summer months definitely make New Zealand look like a paradise. We'll see how we fare come the wet and windy months later this year...

Here's some shots from around town and from a few day trips we've taken so far. Still lots to see in this incredible country, so I'll do my best to update here more often.


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