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Getting to work on The Suicide Squad was a really great opportunity and I was a Compositing Sequence Lead on the show at Scanline VFX. My main sequence was when Harley Quinn was escaping the compound.

We got the unique task laid on us to visualize the twisted way that Harley sees the violence and mayhem she commits through her murder spree. We had a lot of fun integrating 2d cartoon style animals, beautiful explosions of flowers, and graffiti art style art murals that respond to Harley's actions in the environment. We even went as far as incorporating playing card suit designs into the lens bokeh and blood patterns to pay homage to her visual roots from other mediums.

Also included in the shots above are stills from other shot's I Composited and some from the other sequences I lead finished by our amazing team. 

Directed by James Gunn
Vendor: Scanline VFX
VFX Supervisor: Bryan Hirota


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